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Monday, March 20, 2006

Why Do I Feel So Insecure?

Iran and North Korea are busy defying the world building weapons of mass destruction which they may one day rain down on or sneak into our cities, and while this is taking place our president sent our military into Iraq searching for those weapons which were in Iran and North Korea in the first place. Why does that make me feel physically insecure.

Our trade deficit has ballooned to the point China can’t build factories fast enough to manufacture all the goods they can ship into our ports, and, meanwhile, back home, our corporations, with the help of our leaders in Washington, are outsourcing our jobs as fast as they can. Now why should those things make me feel economically insecure.

Our national indebtedness now exceeds even what Reagen did and he took us farther into debt than all the presidents combined in our history before him. I mean before the present president whom we now suspect may not be the fiscal conservative we thought he was, but then we were caught up with the idea of having a “compassionate conservative” not a fiscal one. Thanks to President Bush, his vice-president, and his “conservative” congress our children’s children will be paying that debt—our children’s children—not theirs! Why does that make me feel financially insecure.

Following the unspeakable horror of 911, we had the sympathy and support of the entire civilized part of the world. Most of those nations now are hostile toward us and sympathy and support are no longer to be found. Our leader who is in charge of our world relations and national security can take credit for that change. Why does that change make me feel more alone and internationally insecure.

Contrary to pep talks, tv interviews, and political speeches, Iraq is into civil war. Over 2300 of our young people have been killed and thousands more have been terribly wounded. The flag-draped bodies of those dead heroes and those of their wounded comrades are being kept hidden from us because our leaders don’t want us to see the daily body counts of carnage. At the same time tens of thousands of dead Iraqis are now enjoying the democracy “Bring ‘em on” Bush sent to them. Our leaders assure us that things are getting better. All we have to do is “stay the course” rather than being unpatriotic and asking why we don’t either send enough power over there to really do the job, or get out. It’s another Korea, another Viet Nam, where we send our young to fight and die while we withold the power and support they need to win. Why do I have trouble believing our president and his handler V. P. when they tell us that they can see the “light at the end of the tunnel”? Why do these things make me feel militarily insecure.

If all these insecurity provoking events weren’t enough, we can now worry that world scientists have the proof that the world is warming, the icesheets are melting, the oceans are rising, and our president won’t sign any world agreements to do anything about it. Meanwhile, we got to watch Katrina tear a hole in the middle of our country, killing some 1300 people while our leaders in Washington were trying to figure out where New Orleans was. I heard a rumor that our president thought it was in France, and that’s why he didn’t do anything for several days. Why does that kind of national policy and preparedness for “Homeland Security” make me feel so environmentally insecure.

As I try to analyze my feelings of insecurity in face of all the assurances from the people we “trust” in Washington, I believe the single most difficult thing for me to accept is the fact that on that 911 day of infamy, 3,000 of our citizens were massacred right before our eyes as we sat stunned watching our people, our citizens, jumping to their deaths to escape the flames, and yet, today, years later, Osama Bin Laden, the son of Satan who ordered it and bragged about it is still running around loose, thumbing his nose at us. The only thing that tempers my insecurity over that unavenged atrocity is the anger I feel toward those who caused it and those who have not yet brought Bin Laden to justice. Meanwhile our president is so tone deaf that he was actually offended that anyone, even his own rubber stampers, would dare question his selling American ports to Bin Laden’s cousins. Why, oh why, do all these things make me so insecure.

The answer, I now know is that I am insecure because there is nothing in our national leadership today that gives me any reason to feel secure. We have let dangerously deficient people gain control of our government, its policies, its military, and its future while selling us the allusion of security, compassion, and well-being. We, our children, and our world are already beginning to pay an awful price for the bungled, secretive, and incompetent policies that are driving our nation and our world to a man-made apocalypse.

John P. Williams


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