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Monday, March 13, 2006

New Years Resolutions
It’s time to quit picking on our president and give him the respect Harriet Miers gives him when she says he is the smartest man she has ever met. I just hope all the liberal Bolshevik Bush bashers behave in 2006. It should have been their first resolution for the new year if they are really good Americans like us.
President Bush is doing the best he can. After all, he was forced into the presidency by five of the supreme court justices who thought he was his father. He isn’t and he is now trying to cope with a job which is simply over his head. Give him a break. It’s not his fault that he still can’t find those weapons of mass destruction that Saddam hid so well.
And, I think we ought to cut the president some slack on his not finding Osama Bin Laden, the guy who slaughtered our people in the twin towers. Bush had to quit looking for Bin Laden so he could spend his time looking for Saddam’s WMD’s. And , of course, our president had to spend at least some time taking care of Katrina which could have turned into a real mess if he and Brownie hadn’t been in charge.
Furthermore, it isn’t President Bush’s fault that he and our beloved vice-president had to create the most secretive administration in our nation’s history. Just why is it so wrong for our government to listen in on our phones. It’s probably more entertaining than TV. What do I care if the NSA monitors my wife’s calls to me at the grocery store to remind me to bring home some bread and milk. Some people are even faulting our president for declaring an end to hostilities over 2,000 American lives ago, not to mention tens of thousands of Iraqi lives. It’s not his fault that a mere handful of malcontents are setting off killing bombs in a hundred different places a day. That’s about to end anyway because VP Cheney says those malcontents are almost done for.

And it’s certainly time to resolve to quit complaining about this administration caring more about rich people than it does about poor people. Complainers are just saying that because it’s true. Poor people didn’t pay for this administration; rich people did, and they are just getting a return on their investment the same way the drug companies are now getting paid back through the new senior prescription medicine panacea,
No more of this mean-spirited, unpatriotic, left-wing liberal Bush bashing and nasty talk about Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Bill Frist, Tommy DeLay, Jack Abramoff, Scooter Libby, and Pat Robertson, the president’s spiritual advisor. Let’ s all resolve this year to think only of these guardians of our nation as they begin each day in prayer and end each day in honest and dedicated service to each of us . Bless them, one and all.


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