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Monday, March 13, 2006

Extremism: The Real Viral Threat
Melville, New York has now joined Kansas in the degradation of religious faith and the loss of common sense. I am not a Catholic, a religious conservative, or a Republican, but I have to ask, have we really gotten so ridiculous in our cultural chaos that a Catholic priest cannot mention Jesus Christ while blessing a Christmas tree, as took place in Melville recently. If we have, then I think, in all fairness, that we should level the playing field and treat all holiday observances alike.
Christ, then, is no longer to be mentioned at Christmas time; veterans are not to be mentioned on Veterans Day; no more mothers on Mother’s Day or fathers an Father’s Day. And, of course, we won’t mention presidents on President’s Day, laborers on Labor Day, or even new years on New Year’s Day.
When we have cleared away all this political incorrectness, perhaps we can seek out some other cultural or religious tradition that might somehow, somewhere, sometime offend someone’s sensitivity, or lack of it. I do suspect that there is someone out there who is offended by the use of chickens eggs to honor Easter bunnies, as we already are seeing from those who are offended by the monster masks of Halloween.
One of the truths about the slippery slopes of stupidity is that there is no bottom to reach.
It just keeps getting worse. Stupidity begets stupidity the way a virus multiplies. I really think its time to quit worrying about the bird flu in Asia and start worrying about the bird brains in America.


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