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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Earlier this week the Post-Tribune reported that a young female "driver," and I use the term "driver" loosely, crashed her car when she stuck her head out the car window to spit as she was busy brushing her teeth. So help me! And then today the Post-Tribune tells us about the young female "driver" who knocked her ringing cell phone to the floor of the car and while busy reaching for it, while continuing to drive, of course, ran into the side of the South Shore train which inconveniently happened to be passing by. It seems to this observer that it is time to take one of these toys, either the cell phone or the car or, perhaps, the toothbrush, away from these ding-bats who simply don't seem to be smart enough to know that sooner or later they will kill themselves or someone else. Seriously it is time to lean on our legislators to pass some restrictive laws on the use of a cell phone in an automobile when it is mobile--that means moving --dingbats! And perhaps the drivers' license test should have some toiletry questions for those who don't know where brushing one's teeth is normally done. It's done in a bathroom, dingbats!


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