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Monday, March 13, 2006

Conservative Liberals

Compassionate Conservatives, Concerned Liberals, Right-wingers, Left-wingers, moderates, etc. We don’t need a score card to keep up; we need a dictionary--or, perhaps, some clearer terms.
I am a “conservative liberal”. After all, following George’s lead, we have the right to rename ourselves as whatever we think sells at the moment. So today we have concocted “compassionate conservatives” who are really ruthless radical right-wingers. We have a “warrior president” who studiously ducked his opportunity to face actual combat, and we have the “prayerful pious”, like Tom DeLay, who in reality are professional predatory piranhas. So why not a “conservative liberal”?
Conservative Liberals really are the only people today who are still trying to practice the teachings of Jesus Christ who taught us that we should try to ease the suffering of those less fortunate rather than cutting their Medicaid, food stamps, and Katrina aid in order to finance tax cuts for the extremely wealthy.
Christ taught us we were to love one another. The liberals, I agree, went overboard with that one, but the compassionate conservatives think that teaching applies only to crooked congressmen and incompetent presidents.
Compassionate conservatives, in all fairness, are simply trying to conserve their compassion. Conservative liberals, meanwhile, are trying to conserve Social Security for our elderly, Medicaid for the destitute and ill, Food Stamps for those who otherwise will go hungry, and a living minimum wage for those having to work two and three jobs to survive.
I could go on, but it seems to this conservative liberal that liberals are the only true Christian conservatives, and I don’t need a dictionary to know one when I see one.


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