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Monday, March 20, 2006

Carrol Vertrees, columnist for The Post-Tribune, on Sunday, March 19, 2006, wrote about the "Kansas hate squad" which harasses fallen soldiers' families at their funerals. Following is a letter I wrote in reaction to Carrol's column:


What is this thing with Kansas? Carrol Vertrees in the Post-Tribune, Sunday, March 19th reminded us that Dorothy was from Kansas when she got blown into the Land of Oz, where he says that Kansas church gang belongs. We shouldn’t do that to Oz.

I think we need to find out why a whole state has gone nuts. Why is the KKK dead in Dixie and alive and well in Kansas? We need an impartial federal investigation by President Bush’s top “Homeland Security” people to determine what noxious toxic is blowing across flatland and messing up the minds of its inhabitants. This is serious.

I haven’t heard of any UFO reports from out that way, no cattle mutilations lately, and no one’s mentioned any Chernobyl kind of accidents, and no Katrinas, so we can probably rule those out. I suppose it could be an in-breeding sort of thing. That’s known to end up with some weird behavior from those who result from that kind of family activity.

Then it could be the tip of the latest Jim Jones kind of thing, one that hasn’t reached the Kool Vat stage yet, or maybe it’s another effect coming from that “Red Alert” group that got themselves ready to board the spaceship behind the comet. It’s similar in that a lot of people are acting affected. It’s weird behavior, like passing laws that knowingly will be sending poor women into back alley abortions. Just poor women, you understand. Wealthy ones will just fly out of state, maybe to Oz. And driving teachers and scientists out of state by corrupting scientific textbooks with mythology. And, of course, sending the goofiest ones, the “gangs” Carrol referred to, out of state to harass grieving members of the families of our fallen soldiers at those soldiers’ funerals.

Something is wrong out there. An alien designer, or something is making those krazy Kristian kooks act like militant mullahs and I don’t think we can blame Oz. Maybe it’s coming from Pat Robertson.


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