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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

CEO’s Minimum Wages

Well, just listen up, Porter County, because this is one guy who is going to stick up for Wrong Winger, the Porter Memorial Hospital CEO. I’m sorry, I meant Ron Winger. I’ve heard him called Wrong Winger so often I even catch myself doing it, and I’m one of his fans.

What’s all this fuss about a lousy 44 thousand dollar raise. Like 44,000 is a big deal. It’s not, especially for a big, important CEO like Ron Winger. You’d think from all the noise that there are people in Porter County who don’t get raises like that all the time. Some of the complainers are even saying that there are people in Porter County who don’t make 44 thousand in a year—or two—or three. Even if that were true, that’s not Ron’s fault. Let them get theirs the way he got his by getting raises from a board, some of them, that doesn’t know the difference between a hospital and a house of ill repute. I know, I know, there are some who say Porter is a house of ill repute. That’s not fair. There are some hard-working, dedicated people at Porter Memorial Hospital and they deserve our thanks and our respect. I heard Ron got 44 dollar raises for some of them. Doesn’t that show leadership and a willingness to share.

And another thing, I’ve had just about enough from those two county commissioners who keep picking on Ron, especially Bob Harper, who’s running for re-election and is always demanding that Porter Memorial be operated in the best interests of its patients, not its administrators. Jeez, he’s got some idea that a hospital is supposed to be for those who use it instead of for those who abuse it. Apparently, Bob Harper doesn’t know what CEO stands for. It stands for Cheat Every One, Bob. That’s what CEO’s do today and if that 44 thousand dollar raise doesn’t show that Wrong Winger is good at that, then you just aren’t paying attention, Bob.


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