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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


There, now, see. I told you what a sharing, caring, compassionate CEO Ron Winger is. He’s giving his whole 44,000-dollar raise to training nurses. That’s what he planned to do with it in the first place. He’s just such a busy CEO that he didn't have time to tell anyone.

Ron’s spinner said that Ron’s critics had nothing to do with his sudden generosity and, of course, we all believe that. After all, who wouldn’t believe what Porter Memorial Hospital administrators tell us.

Well, actually there is one guy, a neighbor of mine. When he read about Ron’s compassion, he said it reminded him of the compassion of his seven-year old son who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. When his parents demanded to know what he was doing, he handed the cookie to his five year old sister and swore that’s what he intended to do in the first place, at which point his mother quipped, “Well, at least it shows that he has the qualifications to be a CEO when he grows up, maybe even at Porter Memorial.”


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