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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Auction Action

For sale: U S of A. Cheap. No questions asked or allowed. Will sub-divide. Everything is on the table: oil corporations, toll roads—specials in Indiana and Illinois, water and credit card companies, farm land, sea ports, and, of course, our top politicians.

This sale will be strengthened by banning anyone wearing a T-shirt in opposition, anyone supporting or threatening legislation in opposition, and anyone connected in any way with the news media, except, of course, Fox News and the other real news people who support whatever we choose to do.

All sales decisions, including who can attend, will be made solely by Bill of Goods Brother Bush who will lead us in prayer. We will conduct this sale without fear of counter-demonstration because security will be provided by Dead-Eye Dick Cheney and his 30 thousand dollar, single-notched shotgun.

A 10 percent discount will be given to our Mid-Eastern friends in the U.A.E, Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. No Americans need apply.


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